Frequently Asked Questions



  1. 1) What is AirportVIP?
  2. 2) Who might want to use an AirportVIP service?
  3. 3) Do you offer airport Meet and Greet services at every airport?
  4. 4) Can I book on behalf of someone else?
  5. 5) What Fast Track and airside services can you offer in the United States?


  1. 1) How do I make a booking?
  2. 2) How do I make a group booking?
  3. 3) How do I make a short notice booking?
  4. 4) How do I get confirmation of my booking?
  5. 5) How do I amend my booking?
  6. 6) How do I cancel a booking?
  7. 7) What do I do if I need special assistance (for example a wheelchair)?
  8. 8) Can I include children in the booking?
  9. 9) When will my account be charged?
  10. 10) Is my reservation confirmed?


  1. 1) Where will the representative meet you at the airport?
  2. 2) How will I recognise the representative?
  3. 3) Will I need to tip the representative?
  4. 4) Will the local representative assist with baggage?
  5. 5) What happens if my flight’s departure is delayed?
  6. 6) What should be done if I am running late?
  7. 7) Do I need to bring any paperwork with me?
  8. 8) Will my Meet and Greet service take me through Fast Track security?